Growth through Bible study

A new believer has much to learn.   The Letter to the Ephesians as a good place to start.   I have included scripture references from Ephesians that illustrate each of the five principles, and also, a short simple quiz that will help you in your understanding.   I have not answered the questions in these studies.  My answers are not what is important.  (You can always contact me later with your questions.) What is important is that you think through the passages of Scripture.  If you are truly seeking, God will be guiding you in a very specific way. You will sense God’s guidance. You will see and understand things that will be meaningful to you.   This will be a wonderful experience  and proof that God cares for you.  Try it. You will like it.

If you are not used to reading the Bible, go to the front of the book and look for the table of contents.  In a complete Bible, the contents will be divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament. You will need to look in the New Testament contents to find the page number you need to start reading Ephesians.

If you are not presently a believer or do not know, start studying the principles anyway. If along the way you come under conviction that you are a lost sinner and believe that Jesus Christ should be your Savior, pray a simple prayer like the following:

“Lord Jesus I am a sinner. I surrender my life to You and accept you as my Lord and Savior.”

Contact me to let me know of your decision and ask any questions you have.  I will be praying for you as soon as I receive your contact.

Before you start, pray, confessing any known sin and then ask God to give you truth to live by.  May the Lord bless you in your study and your life.

—- Bruce

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